Based on the advice of public health officials and our own concerns about the well-being of students and instructors, we’ve decided to move everything to the safety of online course delivery.

It was a difficult decision but we believe it is the responsible thing to do amid a resurgent pandemic with proliferating variants of concern.

Prep101 Affiliate Program

What is the Prep101 affiliate program?

Through the Prep101 Affiliate Program, websites and social media influencers (called affiliates) can earn commission by promoting Prep101’s MCAT prep courses. If a customer purchases a prep course using the unique link each affiliate receives, the affiliate gets a commission.

What are the benefits of becoming an affiliate?

An affiliate would get paid just for displaying a link on their website/social media. And, through the link, the affiliate would spread awareness of our outstanding MCAT prep courses some of whose features include:

How do I become a Prep101 affiliate?

Click on the link below to fill out a short application form. We’ll be in touch if your application is accepted.

Apply Now

How would an affiliate get paid?

If you’re approved, you’ll get access to the third-party affiliate website we use. The third-party website will record each time a customer has purchased a Prep101 MCAT prep course, thereby recording your commission. The third-party website ensures fairness and transparency for both the affiliate and Prep101 since Prep101 and the affiliate have access to the exact same data regarding purchases.

You’ll be paid on a monthly basis by PayPal.

Where should I place my affiliate link?

You should place the affiliate link on your website and/or social media. You can also include it in social media posts and website banners/promotions.

What if I have other questions or require something customized?

Email us at


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2013–present Prep Instructor, Mechanics 
2013–present Prep Instructor, Statics
2012–present Tutor, Statics, Mechanics, Mechanics of Materials
2012–13 TA, Engineering Mechanics II
2012–13 TA, Mechanics of Solids 
2011-13 TA Mechanics of Materials 
2011 TA, Engineering Economics
2010 TA, Engineering Design & Communication 
2012–present Ph.D. [Mechanical Engineering]
2012 M.Sc. [Mechanical Engineering]
2009 B.Sc. [Mechanical Engineering]
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