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Getting into Med School

Best practices to become a competitive applicant.

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MCAT Study Plan

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Dr. Mike Moore

Dr. Chansey Veinotte [BSc, MD, MSc] graduated from medical school in 2020 and he is now a resident physician training in Pediatrics at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario. Chansey has been an outstanding MCAT prep instructor since 2010. He is also very knowledgeable about how to assemble a strong medical school application. Chansey will provide valuable information to help you prepare for the MCAT and apply to medical school. 

Dr. Torah Hunt

Dr. Mike Moore [HBSc, MSc, PhD] has completed degrees ranging from nanoscience to education research. Mike has been an outstanding MCAT prep instructor since 2014, and he is Prep101’s Lead Instructor and Content Development Expert in Chemistry and Psychology. Mike's teaching expertise isn't limited to the MCAT – he’s also the proud coach of the 2020 International Jugglers' Association Junior’s Champion.

Dr. Torah Hunt

Dr. Torah Hunt [BSc, PhD] teaches biochemistry, cell biology, genetics and immunology at the University of Alberta. Torah has been a superstar MCAT prep instructor since 2006 and she has helped thousands of students excel on the MCAT. Her teaching abilities have also been enhanced by a second career as the CBC Radio One National Science columnist, where each week she gets to talk about all the latest and greatest science stories.